Radio Equipment Directive  2014/53/EU

Radio Equipment Directive  2014/53/EU

The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) has replaced the R&TTE Directive, 1999/5/EC.

The RED contains a number of changes compared to the previous R&TTE Directive:

  • Sound and TV broadcast receivers are now in scope of RED.
  • Fixed Line Telecommunication equipment is no longer included.
  • “Radio Determination” equipment is included.
  • Additional requirements on software that can affect radio parameters.
  • Additional requirements for product labelling and manufacturer risk assessment.

What should manufacturers do?

Individual products that were “placed on the market” before 13 June 2017 do not have to be updated to the RED – note, this rule applies to each individual item and not to a whole product range.

In all other circumstances, manufacturers should update compliance to the Radio Equipment Directive as soon as possible.

There are over 100 article 3.2 radio spectrum Harmonised Standards for the RED and the 1st edition of the Guide to the Radio Equipment Directive has been made available.

Whilst all R&TTE radio spectrum standards have been (or are being) updated to meet the additional requirements of the RED, the results of tests against many individual clauses for R&TTE Directive may well be sufficient for the RED. The differences, and additional tests that are required, can be identified in a RED Gap Analysis that we can perform for you.

The product must be accompanied by a copy of the RED Declaration of Conformity in a language easily understood by the end user. This can be in a “simplified EU Declaration of Conformity” as per Annex VIII and example wording is available from Simplified EU Declaration of Conformity for Radio Equipment Directive (2014_53_EU)

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