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Sulis Consultants is an independent consultancy specialising in CE Marking and UKCA Marking to the EU Radio Equipment, EMC and Low Voltage Directives and equivalent UK regulations.

With considerable experience in Product Approvals, CE Marking and Regulatory Compliance Management, we help design and manufacturing companies comply with CE Marking, UKCA Marking and worldwide Product Approval requirements.

With an extensive track record of delivering product approvals on time and to budget, and a background of working with manufacturers bringing innovative products to market, Sulis can help you bring your product to market whilst complying with all necessary legislation, including:

Over the last 18 years Sulis has helped in excess of 200 companies with over 500 projects ranging from conducting a CE Marking or safety review taking a day or so, through FCC testing and certifying an LTE base-station to FCC and EU RF, EMC and Safety testing a 2-part wireless monitoring system.


UKCA Marking update 24 January 2024
The UK Government intends to legislate to continue recognition of EU requirements, including the CE marking, indefinitely for a range of product regulations this spring –  see Using the UKCA marking – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

If you’re looking for help with understanding CE certification, CE self certification or CE compliance, we can explain what CE marking means for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

We can also advise what manufacturers should do before selling their product or placing it on the market, including: deciding on which Directives apply; structure and content of technical file; how testing can help demonstrate compliance; and format for Declaration of Conformity.

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