EMC Testing

The EMC Directive requires the manufacturer to perform an electromagnetic compatibility assessment of the apparatus, on the basis of the relevant phenomena. What does that mean? Well, perhaps the easiest method is to do some EMC testing against an appropriate standard. Whilst this is not compulsory, it is increasingly expected, and need not cost as much as you think.

Sulis owns a number of pieces of equipment that can be brought to your offices to perform EMC testing, diagnose problems and recommend solutions.

EMC Emissions testing

We can perform:

  • Conducted Emissions on AC and DC power ports to standards such as EN 55011 and EN55022.
  • On-site Radiated Emissions (EN 55011 / EN 55022).

EMC Immunity testing

All commercial EMC product standards such as EN 301 489 series, EN 55024, EN 62326-1, EN 60601 and the generic standards call up “basic EMC standard” which define the test equipment. We own several pieces of specialist test equipment and can perform:

  • Electrostatic Discharge or ESD testing (EN 61000-4-2).
  • Fast Transients (EN61000-4-4).
  • Surge (EN 61000-4-5).
  • Voltage Dips and Interrupts (EN61000-4-11).

Confidential product development testing

We have exclusive access to a secure fully anechoic chamber (FAC), which can be used for EMC radiated emissions testing and radio Radiated Spurious Emissions standards. The chamber is fully equipped with antennas, analysers and signal sources up to 18 GHz and can also be used for investigating performance of antennas fitted to products. In addition to performing EMC testing, Sulis can help you with fixing EMC test failures.


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